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February is the month of renewal. Even if things seem quiet on the surface of the world, beneath the skin it is a mad rush of potential waiting to burst forth.

This week’s links do keep in common with this theme. First is a delightful story of Brighid for Oímelg from The Druid’s Well.

Then comes the waiting. At the moment, I am in the throes of impatiently waiting for things for an assortment of reasons (ranging from time to finances — welcome to the world, heh) and find these articles to be inspiring and comforting.

Hecate Demeter – On Waiting

Robert Moss on open spaces

The Daily~Om on Contracting and Expanding

There are a few things that I am going to have to wrangle out on a piece of paper with ink, such as the pros and cons of making a creative writing journal strictly for fiction before I set up my own site (I’ve been planning on leaping to my own hosted site for some time — mainly due to the nature of the Giovanni and Stornello families). I’m also wrangling with the idea of serialising some of the stories, and am wondering if posting on Friday, then Saturday, and Sunday will be too much… or if I should alternate Six Word Sunday with Serial Sunday. Then, how big should each segment of a serialised work be? Below 1k is too small and over 5k is too big… would 2500 words be a happier medium?

What do you think? Can a working witchcraft blog and a creative fiction blog work together? Should I use pages more? What would you like to see shared here?